Special Services

The company has specially designed boxes for the convenience of our clients. The boxes have a standard freight price and measures:

80 cm x 57 cm x 52 cm (large)   &   60 cm x 54 cm x 32 cm (small)


The company provides free pickup within 50 km radius from its Oberhausen warehouse!

Goods could however be picked up from all parts of Europe at negotiated prices. We accept all forms of items in different packaging as well. Ghana cargo requires that the contents of the boxes are duly declared by prospective clients by providing an attached list of contents. Commercial items must also be declared by clients to enable Ghana Cargo calculate the custom duties for payment. Commercial items are items that are normally in commercial quantities and may include electrical appliances, building materials and clothing. Failure to declare the items as aforementioned is a breaking of contract and may require a fine.

Ghana Cargo sends shipments of all kinds, household/office, furniture's of all kinds, electrical appliances, building materials of all kinds, pallets of all sizes, machines and equipment, spare parts of cars (but no cars).

Please contact your local representative or main office for more information!