Ghana-Cargo collects items for shipping throughout the year!
However, the bulk of the company's activities occur during Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays.

Easter Holidays:

Easter normally falls between the month of March and April. Items must therefore be in our warehouse (Oberhausen) by the end of February.

Summer Holiday:

In the Summer items must reach us by the end of May, as the peak of the Summer break is normally within the months of June and September.

Christmas Holidays:

To be able to send gifts and other personal effects to families during Christmas, items must as well be with us by the end of October preceding the vacation.

Duration of Conveyance:

Duration of shipment and clearing of the container is between 4 to 5 weeks. The final destination of goods is in the 3 main warehouses in Tema, Kumasi ans Sunyani. The above arrangements are made for the convenience of our client for prompt delivery. Prospective clients are assured of prompt delivery if they comply with the above directives.

Goods sent to Ghana must be picked up by the customers from our warehouses!